Greensboro, N.C. (February. 25, 2020) – Technology Concepts & Design, Inc. (TCDI), a pioneer in legal technology, announced today their partnership with Trivest Partners, LP (“Trivest”). Trivest, a private investment firm that focuses on partnering with founder based businesses in the United States and Canada, has made a growth investment in TCDI.

For over 30 years, TCDI has been a pioneer in the legal technology market, specializing in large-scale litigation case management, eDiscovery, managed document review, computer forensics and cybersecurity. During this time, TCDI has developed long-lasting client relationships, which fuel their commitment to continue adapting their product and service solutions to meet the ever-evolving market changes. The Trivest partnership will be key to expanding the business through both acquisition and organic growth. In recent years, TCDI has acquired businesses that further expanded their footprint in eDiscovery, cybersecurity and computer forensics. In 2018, TCDI added managed document review to their service offerings to support the evolution of their technology and further support clients with several document review models, including onsite centers, law student review and an attorney military spouse program that has been rapidly growing.

Bill Johnson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TCDI said, “We are excited for our partnership with Trivest, as it aligns with our growth trajectory without compromising our integrity, client focused business strategies, or overall day-to-day management. Trivest’s experience with non-control, growth investments in founder owned businesses made them an ideal partner for us. We are confident that this partnership will propel us in our path forward, specifically in regards to further developing our product base.”

Jamie Elias, Partner at Trivest, commented, “We are excited to partner with TCDI and Bill Johnson to accelerate TCDI’s solid foundation and impressive track record of innovation and client retention. Trivest will assist the leadership team with an aggressive but thoughtful add-on acquisition program aimed at increasing the Company’s size, scale, presence and capabilities in the coming years.”

“We are committed to continuing to build innovative, client driven technology solutions while creating an exceptional and differentiated customer and user-end experience. We are tremendously excited about the partnership and how it will support us in this mission going forward,” said Johnson.