Cybersecurity Information Security Services

We take an innovative approach to data security services by combining “best of breed” technology with our proprietary cybersecurity assessment application. Our staff of trusted advisors, comprised of security experts and industry thought leaders, create custom tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique needs.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Evaluate your company’s security and privacy against a set of globally recognized standards and best practices. The cybersecurity assessment can be used to validate adherence to relevant standards or as an easy to understand prioritized road map for enhancing privacy and security. Areas covered include access controls, security governance, business continuity, application security, and more.

Penetration Testing

Discover internal and external vulnerabilities through a simulated cyber-attack by highly-skilled experts using “best of breed” tools and technology. This test provides unparalleled insight into technical issues that could be exploited and result in a data breach. At the conclusion of the project, TCDI provides a written report summarizing the vulnerabilities identified, threat level, and remediation steps.

Penetration Testing

Managed Security Services

Implement a comprehensive security monitoring and management platform utilizing industry leading technology administered by cybersecurity experts. Designed to improve your overall security posture, the portfolio of services includes security information and event management (SIEM), vulnerability scanning, endpoint protection, and data loss prevention (DLP).

Policy and Plan Development

Establish a secure foundation by formalizing and implementing policies and procedures designed around cybersecurity best practices. Whether drafting policies from scratch or reviewing existing policies for gaps, the TCDI team takes a holistic approach to policy development by applying its unique blend of technical, legal and regulatory expertise.

Policy Planning
Data Breach Response

Data Breach Response and Investigative Services

Bring in a team experienced in digital forensics and incident response to investigate, contain and remediate a data breach. Ready at a moment’s notice, our experts will forensically preserve evidence and perform an analysis in our secure sandbox environment to uncover important facts regarding the incident.

Security Awareness Training

Turn your employees from security liabilities into a valuable first line of defense against today’s cyber threats. Our security awareness training gives your team access to tools and techniques to more easily identify threats such as phishing emails. Our managed social engineering service analyzes whether members of your team are still susceptible to threats by sending fake phishing messages and tracking the results.

Security Awareness Training

Chief Security and Privacy Officer On Demand

Gain access to a team of certified and highly skilled cybersecurity experts on an “as-needed” basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. Security is important for every organization but not every organization can afford to recruit, hire, and retain a cybersecurity expert. Our team is available “on-demand” to serve as trusted advisors who can fulfill your organization’s data security needs.

Law Firm Cybersecurity

Law firms are entrusted with their clients’ most sensitive information and have an ethical obligation to protect it. In today’s digital world, that means ensuring safeguards are in place to prevent data breaches. We help law firms evaluate their security and enhance data privacy through a unique combination of technical testing, employee training and process improvement.

Law Firm Cybersecurity

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