Legal Services

Legal Services

Without an effective strategy, discovery costs can get out of control. Growing data volumes and the failure to quickly locate relevant documents are the principal challenges facing the legal industry today.

TCDI helps clients solve their legal challenges with innovative legal solutions built on a Lean Six-Sigma workflow. Our proprietary and established legal technologies are available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform or as part of our fully managed document review service. Clients have access to a broad range of customized solutions that focus on utilizing our proven technology platforms, and on the policies and procedures that support the entire eDiscovery process.

eDiscovery Services

No matter what type or size of organization, legal teams are continuously under pressure to reduce the cost and complexity of the discovery process. They are still faced with finding essential data quickly to meet legal or regulatory deadlines and develop better case strategies. Our clients choose TCDI because of our unified suite of eDiscovery services, processes, and proven technology solutions.

Thinking differently for our clients is what we do best. We do this by developing strategies to decrease risk during their cases, control and predict budgets, and ultimately focus on their core business.

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Document Review

Managed Document Review

Document review is still the largest cost in the Discovery process, even after a decade of analytics and technology-driven workflows have been thrown at it. People reading documents takes time, and paying for that time can significantly increase costs in an always tight budget. Firms and corporations don’t want to pay a lot for this time anymore, and we agree with them. You should not have to pay for every document to be read and coded, especially when we can create technology-integrated processes that reduce that time and are both easy to use and easy to explain.

Managed Services

TCDI’s Managed Services helps law firms and corporations achieve their most crucial business objectives in eDiscovery. Our eDiscovery Managed Services goes beyond unpredictable project-based pricing, hidden fees and charges. It enables ongoing, collaborative, proactive workflow, process and eDiscovery protocol improvements. It’s also about managing discovery in a way that provides unsurpassed visibility and transparency into your data and timelines.

Managed Services
Case Management

Litigation Management

Most litigation doesn’t need a management system as robust as ours, but for those that do… nothing compares to what we deliver. TCDI has been designing litigation management systems for large-scale, complex litigation for over two decades. We’ve worked with corporations involved in highly complex matters in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Banking. We even developed and managed the litigation management system used by all parties in the World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigation.

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