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Managed Document Review

Document review is still the largest cost in the Discovery process, even after a decade of analytics and technology-driven workflows have been thrown at it. People reading documents takes time, and paying for that time can significantly increase costs in an always tight budget. Firms and corporations don’t want to pay a lot for this time anymore, and we agree with them. You should not have to pay for every document to be read and coded, especially when we can create technology-integrated processes that reduce that time and are both easy to use and easy to explain.

Industry experts estimate that first-level document review accounts for anywhere between 60 to 90 per cent of total Discovery costs, and usually is either an unknown cost or we are just way off on initial estimates. That just can’t be the norm anymore. At TCDI, we are taking great strides to change not only the ability to better predict costs, but re-looking at how people are reviewing documents all together.

TCDI Efficient Review Workflow

TCDI has been a quiet leader in the marketplace for 30 years because our biggest value to clients are our eDiscovery platforms, which are homegrown, client-designed and managed by our team of eDiscovery experts. We started small, servicing a few select clients and together with their input, have created some of the best eDiscovery platforms/processes on the market today for forensics, processing, hosting and review.

TAR, in all its various forms, in whatever definition you choose to adopt, has not been presented to the market in any kind of simple fashion (read: usable) for most people to understand. And no lawyer is going to use something they don’t understand to represent their clients.

TCDI’s review platforms, CVLynx® and CVFox®, and the review teams working on that platform, offer a really simple, and easy to use option for predictive coding and prioritized review that will significantly reduce overall time spent in review

Review Models

Our review teams are located in our offices in Greensboro, NC, on campuses at various law schools in the US and are also available in home office teams. The mixture of law student, paralegals and attorneys give us the flexibility to scale up quickly, offer various levels of per document pricing and the ability to meet tight deadlines.

Technology-Driven Review

CVLynx enables our review managers to setup streamlined review workflows and rules within in the platform and then the platform moves documents as they are coded into various phases of QC, Priv Review and production validation automatically. This ability to set workflow rules allows our PMs to spend more time on quality assurance and less time administrating a review platform.

CVLynx also makes predictive coding accessible to the masses. We treat TAR as just another reviewer or as your best QC’er – let’s call her Tara (get it, TARa?). After submitting a training set of either Responsive or Not Responsive documents to the system, Tara reviews in the background, parallel to reviewers, learning from validated decisions and suggesting coding based on this continuous active learning and her ability to ‘read’ every single document.

Tara will then suggest, using an easy to understand STAR rating system, how Responsive or Not Responsive the document is and reviewers can either agree with Tara or disagree. Any disagreements, where reviewer and Tara want to code differently, are routed to attorney QC for final coding.

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