How Digital Forensics Can Make or Break Your Case:
Lessons from the Rittenhouse Trial

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What Do You Want to See?

  • Getting Up to Speed with Digital Forensics – 1:55
  • Forensically Sound Collections – 9:52
  • Lessons from the Rittenhouse Trial – 13:50
  • How Mobile Collections Fit Into the Discussion – 21:18
  • Q&A with Mike Canup – 35:20

About This On-Demand Webinar

The use of digital forensics and eDiscovery in litigation is rapidly expanding as electronically stored information (ESI) continues to be created.  In the  Rittenhouse trial, digital forensics was brought into the spotlight for the legal community, exposing the common misconceptions and pitfalls associated with digital data.  This has left many litigators looking for resources to educate themselves about digital forensics to ensure their firm avoids making the same legal missteps.

During this on-demand webinar, TCDI’s digital forensics expert, Mike Canup, provides brief commentary on where digital evidence was incorrectly presented. He also explains how, when performed properly, digital forensics can strengthen your claim by covering topics including:

  • Ensuring data collected is forensically sound
  • Understanding the different types of mobile collections
  • Understanding data types, including chats and text messages
  • Understanding metadata and how to avoid overwriting electronic evidence

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