Penetration Testing: Tales from the Trenches On-Demand Webinar

Comprehensive Guide to External Penetration Testing

About the Tales from the Trenches On-Demand Webinar

Step into the fascinating world of ethical hacking during this on-demand webinar, where our lead penetration tester will take you through his most memorable pen testing experiences.

Gain insights into the challenges faced, the victories celebrated, and the lessons learned during real-life penetration testing engagements. During this action-packed 30-minutes, you’ll hear about:

  • Finding leaked PHI
  • Retrieving a law firm’s sensitive credentials
  • Infiltrating multiple network accounts
  • Discovering vulnerabilities in unexpected places

These stories from the front lines will give you an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies of maintaining robust network defenses in the face of ever-evolving threats.

Looking for a Specific Story?

1:10 Meet Chris Kolezynski

4:00 Goals and Pen Testing Process

7:10 Story: Firewall Vulnerability Leads to Internal Network

10:40 Common Vulnerabilities We See

11:25 Story: Unsupported Operating System Leads to Compromise of 70 Accounts

16:20 Story: Finding Leaked PHI

25:00 Story: Retrieving a Law Firm’s Sensitive Credentials

27:09 Story: Credentials Passing “in the Clear”

28:38 Final Insights

30:21 Questions?

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Not all Pen Tests are created Equal
Not All Pen Tests Are Created Equal
External Pen Testing Timeframe Expectations
Penetration Testing Fact Sheet

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