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Sooner or later, just about every business will be faced with producing electronic evidence to comply with court mandates or regulatory requests. However, most do not have the internal systems and the capability to harvest and process large volumes of electronically stored information (“ESI”) and determine relevance and privilege.

eDiscovery software and services help solve the technical and strategic challenges associated with electronic discovery and regulatory requests. Applying technology and expertise improves quality and efficiency and decreases costs.

TCDI offers a range of eDiscovery services within the EDRM-defined stages of Collection, Processing, Analysis, Review and Production. Our aim is to provide advanced technology and effective functionality designed to reduce data volumes while making human review and production more efficient and accurate.

TCDI offers a complete range of services and technologies spanning all phases of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Specifically, we provide :

  • An all-inclusive approach to strategy and technology to ensure efficiency, cost control, and defensibility
  • Depth of domain expertise and subject matter experts
  • An integrated discovery process that is highly defensible
  • The ability to scale for greater efficiency and lower costs
  • A predictable pricing structure to help clients manage and reduce total discovery costs

TCDI eDiscovery Capabilities Include:

Data Collection and Forensics
TCDI’s collection capabilities encompass the full range of data, including desktop computers, servers, databases and other devices such as flash drives, phones, websites, network shares, and cloud based platforms. TCDI can also conduct searches of computing systems across a network by file name, keywords, deleted files, date, path, security permissions, file system type, file signature, and many other metadata fields.

TCDI’s Forensic Practice is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and works with clients all over the United States. Our forensics experts handle all electronic evidence, and our chain of custody documentation is designed to fully support our client’s legal matters.

Electronic Data Processing & Productions
TCDI’s platforms support a wide variety of processing capabilities. We have the ability to scale up and down utilizing our regional processing facilities. We have experience working on large matters and small cases as well as meeting the exacting timelines for our clients. Our production processes can be customized to meet specific client or case needs for load file format, delivery type, and other parameters.

Hosted Review
TCDI offers robust proprietary processing and analytics-driven hosted review products to ensure the right solution for each client’s budget and time requirements. This includes TCDI’s proprietary applications, CV Lynx® and CV Fox®, which were designed for our client’s small and large scale matters and custom developed to meet their needs.

Project Management
TCDI’s highly experienced project management team has years of experience managing large and complex litigation and compliance related matters. Our project management adheres to standard practices, as identified by the Project Management Institute, in planning and communications, execution, maintenance, and closure. TCDI takes its project management very serious and has over 70% of our staff as Certified Lean Six Sigma team members. This includes 13 black belts. We encourage this to further define and increase the expectations of excellence from our TCDI Staff to its clients and partners.

Managed Document Review
TCDI’s managed document review solution efficiently manages complex attorney review matters. We have flexible and scalable capacity to conduct reviews from centers in the United States. We ensure that our teams are well-coordinated with our clients to ensure timelines are met while being conscious of costs along the way with predictable and alternative pricing models.

Litigation Management
TCDI has been helping clients manage thousands of matters through our Litigation Management platform for over 30 years. We continue to work with our clients hand-in-hand to collaborate on the daily needs of their cases. Our drive to always remain innovative ensures a commitment to increased efficiencies through automation. This allows our clients to manage their cases day-to-day while ensuring cost efficiencies throughout the process allowing for ease of use and customization. This includes case automation, evidence tracking, witness materials, pleadings, all case materials from key documents to deposition testimony.

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