CVLynx: Proven Experience,
Lasting Legacy

Steering Innovation Through
a Quarter Century of Excellence

A Legacy Rooted in Reliability: CVLynx, Not Just Another Platform

CVLynx isn’t a solution born overnight; it’s an intricately crafted tool, purpose-built to address the multifaceted challenges of litigation management. Rooted firmly in a relational database system that has been tried, tested, and trusted for over 25 years, CVLynx is a testament to our commitment to meet and adapt to our clients’ evolving needs.

Unlike other platforms in the industry, CVLynx carries an enriching legacy that embodies our experience and expertise. For more than two decades, we have been refining and perfecting CVLynx, leveraging real-world feedback and insights directly from our clients. This enduring legacy not only instills confidence in our clients but also promises reliability and continuity.

Our Commitment to Adaptability: Meeting the Tides of Change Head-On

As we navigate the dynamic world of litigation, adaptability is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. The fact that CVLynx has been a trusted solution since the 1990s, backed by long-standing client relationships, underscores our capability to ride the waves of change. We understand the importance of versatility and have demonstrated time and again that we are here for the long haul.

At the heart of our adaptability is the trust our clients have in us. We have fostered relationships that span over 20 years, a reflection of the mutual trust, respect, and shared commitment to innovation that we have with our clients.

Embracing Change with CVLynx: Your Partner in Litigation Innovation

The decision to transition to a new litigation management vendor can be daunting. The process of data migration and system familiarization can be challenging, particularly if there are no glaring issues with your current approach. However, with CVLynx, you’re not just choosing a new system—you’re opting for a proven partner who understands your unique needs and is equipped to cater to them.

You get more than a battle-tested tool; you gain a trusted partner ready to navigate the intricate nuances of litigation alongside you. Our successful track record of meeting client needs over the years is a testament to our ability to innovate, adapt, and deliver unparalleled value.

Meet our Talented Team

Ned Adams

For 20 years, Ned has worked on a range of projects at TCDI, including complex litigation spanning 10+ years. He enjoys the long-term partnerships he has fostered and believes personal connections are the keys to success.

Dave Martyn

With nearly 20 years of experience at TCDI, Dave helps generate and apply creative innovations in the pursuit of efficiency, performance gains, and intuitive solutions in technology for its clients.

Nancy Johnson

Working with TCDI since 2003, Nancy’s primary focus is overseeing and managing large-scale litigation management projects and new project implementations, with an emphasis on solutions-driven approaches.

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30 years and counting. We must be doing something right.

It’s a lot easier to say than to do: Assemble the right mix of tech geeks, data nerds, flexible lawyers, Lean Six Sigma ninjas, and creative solution architects. Choose only people who are obsessed with client service and committed to being the best team they can be. Build systems that ensure high quality by design. Then stand back and let that team deliver an unmatched client experience at cost-effective, predictable prices.

Sure, it takes a bit of doing, but it’s worth it. And once you get used to working this way, nothing else will really do.