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Empowering Your Journey: A Partnership Tailored to You

Welcome to TCDI. Since 1988, we’ve built unique partnerships centered around you—your needs, your challenges, your success. You’re not just a client here, you’re the driving force behind our innovation and approach. 

At TCDI, our team seamlessly integrates with yours, turning complex litigation processes into streamlined, efficient operations. We aspire to do more than just manage your cases – we strive to co-create your success story, and we’re thrilled to navigate this path together.

Crafting Your Success Story Through Collaboration

In the beginning, we use our expertise in Lean Six Sigma and Defensible Process Management to bring about the most effective solutions that propel your success. Harnessing the power of customized solutions, we adapt our methodologies to fit your unique litigation landscape, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Our collaborative whiteboarding sessions serve as a conduit for innovation. Here, we explore opportunities to further enhance your litigation processes, tailoring systems and procedures that align perfectly with your business needs. This means delivering the data that is most important to you, right at your fingertips, and designing processes that enhance your strategic decision-making capabilities.

As we navigate through this journey together, we continually refine our approach to align with your evolving needs. Each decision we make, each process we streamline, contributes to crafting a success story that is uniquely yours. The end result? Enhanced productivity, better workflows, and a robust litigation management framework poised to navigate any challenge that comes your way.

Navigating Your Data Integrity

Once we have a grasp on your current processes and goals, we delve into your existing data management practices. We identify key data and crucial information that serves as the backbone for your strategic decisions.

But we don’t stop at identification – we actively seek to refine these processes, making them leaner, more efficient, and perfectly aligned to your needs. During this refinement stage, data integrity is our top priority. We ensure that every piece of information is not just organized but also protected, facilitating informed, accurate decisions.

Driving Success with Superior Project Management

On average, our project managers have
8 Years

of tenure at TCDI

Data integrity sets the stage for success, but it’s the consistent guidance of our experienced project managers that makes the journey smoother. With an average tenure of 8 years at TCDI and 15 years of industry experience, they seamlessly become an extension of your team, offering valuable insights and support. 

And as you navigate the intricacies of your litigation processes, you can lean on their knowledge as much or as little as you want. In our partnership, your needs guide the level of our involvement. Our team can scale up or down according to your requirements, always ready to step in at any stage of the litigation process.

Meet our Project Managers

Nancy Johnson

Working with TCDI since 2003, Nancy’s primary focus is overseeing and managing large-scale litigation management projects and new project implementations, with an emphasis on solutions-driven approaches.

Ned Adams

Throughout his 20 years at TCDI, Ned has worked on a diverse range of projects, including complex litigation spanning 10+ years. He enjoys the long-term partnerships he has fostered with his clients and believes personal connections are the keys to success. 

Sara Coley

Sara has been with TCDI since 2012. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Sara brings a unique perspective to helping clients identify and create efficient processes, helping them streamline their legal operations.

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30 years and counting. We must be doing something right.

It’s a lot easier to say than to do: Assemble the right mix of tech geeks, data nerds, flexible lawyers, Lean Six Sigma ninjas, and creative solution architects. Choose only people who are obsessed with client service and committed to being the best team they can be. Build systems that ensure high quality by design. Then stand back and let that team deliver an unmatched client experience at cost-effective, predictable prices.

Sure, it takes a bit of doing, but it’s worth it. And once you get used to working this way, nothing else will really do.