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Organizing the massive amounts of information associated with your legal matters can be really challenging. Let us help you tame the chaos.

In the past 30 years, we’ve helped clients manage thousands of matters through our litigation management platform, working hand-in-hand to collaborate on their day-to-day.

Since we’re obsessed with the client experience, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our clients be more efficient. That means designing and building a platform that is easy to use and customizable, with tools for case automation, evidence tracking, witness materials, pleadings, and all case materials from key documents to deposition testimony. And while many legal matters don’t require a lit management system as robust as CVLynx, it’s designed to scale up and down to fit your needs so you’ll never outgrow it.

When it comes to litigation management, experience is priceless. For three decades, we’ve quietly nurtured deep, lasting relationships with corporations involved in large, complex matters, in sectors that include Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Banking. We developed and managed the litigation management system used by all parties on the World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigation. If you’re looking for experience, look no further.

Don't take our word for it. Corporate clients and outside counsel firms tell us they use CVLynx for litigation management because it helps them:

  • Manage information, access and usage more efficiently
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with redundant work product when multiple firms are involved
  • Collaborate more efficiently across multiple case teams
  • Spend more time focusing on the important things that influence case outcomes
  • Improve the consistency of representation by making information centrally accessible to all team members
  • Increase visibility into emerging and high-risk cases
  • Simplify reporting obligations
  • Reduce overall litigation cost
  • Monitor status and progress with easy-to-read dashboards and quickly access meaningful case details

CVLynx provides counsel spread across multiple firms and locations the ability to compile, review, research and collaborate in a highly secure, web-based environment. Acccess a highly customizable central repository that is designed to handle individually unique data sets and file collection requirements.

Our litigation management solution organizes and speeds up the process of recording and correlating vast amounts of data relevant to each case. It can be challenging to organize and keep track of all the different types of documents and pieces of information that your team needs. Our solution gives your team the tools to tame the chaos.

The CVLynx platform enables cross-functional litigation teams to streamline communication, eliminate redundant work product, reduce costs, and optimize case strategies. Quickly and easily find the information you need when you need it. Organize documentation for specific cases, or multiple cases throughout the year.

At the core of Litigation Management is data, processes, and tools, all of which must work seamlessly together to be effective. We have unparalleled experience in managing and organizing complex, relational data structures. What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to efficiently and accurately meet the unique needs and demands of large-scale common complaint, mass tort, and other complex, multi-case litigation.

Because the platform efficiently manages and organizes complex data structures, it can be used for more than just traditional legal documents and data. It can also be applied to related areas such as claims management, expert and third-party collaboration, product analysis, potential plaintiff tracking, and jury analysis.

Our Litigation Management solution can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Our “out of the box” solution is a fantastic starting point. Or, if you prefer, we can customize a solution to your exact specifications.

Our single Matter Management system is flexible enough to manage complex installations that include large, diverse user populations, hundreds of thousands of cases, claims, and plaintiffs, along with millions of documents. It can also work for smaller implementations that involve a handful of users looking to simply access and manage dozens of cases and limited document sets.

Often, the need to manage data for litigation does not happen in a silo which is why we have made our Litigation Management solution is part of a larger Comprehensive Litigation Data Architecture that can be seamlessly integrated with eDiscovery reviews and productions within CVSuite. It works in conjunction with data received from third-party records vendors, court reporters, filing systems, electronic billing systems, and other platforms.

Powered by CVLynx®

We provide a comprehensive range of services:

  • Data Mapping & Migration
  • Custom System Design
  • Data Hosting
  • Project Management
  • Data/Documents Intake
  • Third-Party System Interfaces & Intake
  • Data Coding & Unitization
  • Report Customization
  • Online Fact Sheet Submissions & Data Mining

TCDI understands that litigation management needs are multi-dimensional, which is why we provide much more than software. We create custom-tailored solutions for your unique needs to drive efficiencies and optimize your results.

30 years and counting. We must be doing something right.

It’s a lot easier to say than to do: Assemble the right mix of tech geeks, data nerds, flexible lawyers, Lean Six Sigma ninjas, and creative solution architects. Choose only people who are obsessed with client service and committed to being the best team they can be. Build systems that ensure high quality by design. Then stand back and let that team deliver an unmatched client experience at cost-effective, predictable prices.

Sure, it takes a bit of doing, but it’s worth it. And once you get used to working this way, nothing else will really do.