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Most litigation doesn’t need a management system as robust as ours, but for those that do… nothing compares to what we deliver. TCDI has been designing litigation management systems for large-scale, complex litigation for over two decades. We’ve worked with corporations involved in highly complex matters in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and Banking. We even developed and managed the litigation management system used by all parties in the World Trade Center Disaster Site Litigation.

Our corporate clients and their defense teams find that CVLynx for litigation management provides great benefits, and have reported that it:

  • Greatly enhances efficiencies in information management, access and usage
  • Appreciably reduces the time and cost associated with redundant work product arising from multiple firms and counsel who are geographically disperse
  • Significantly improves the consistency of representation by providing information centrally accessible to all litigation team members
  • Notably improves the visibility into emerging and high-risk cases
  • Dramatically simplifies reporting obligations
  • Considerably reduces overall cost of defense

CVLynx offers counsel across multiple firms and locations the ability to compile, review, research and collaborate in a highly secure, web-based environment. Users have access to a highly customizable central repository that that can handle individually unique data and file collection requirement.

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